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LXF-D1000--11G Pedrail type integrated go up and down vending machine


Technical index


Merchandise type:  Single cabinet Max. 66kind

                 (canned/bottled/boxed/flexible package)

Merchandise reserve: 330-990

Refrigeration tempreture:  4℃-25℃(adjustable)

Outline dimension:  Single cabinet 1940x850x1206mm

Weight: 460KG

Power:  AC100-240V,50/60HZ



Main features

★Sales of merchandise by way of full automatic go up and down goods elevator system to asist the merchandise in different locations transport to exit.

★Using international MDB standard design,conform to DEX standard,can support various kinds of international general standard external equipment.

★Support Wechat pay、Alipay、Jingdong wallet pay,can accept paper money、coin,the function of give change by coin.

★Super large area glass show window, merchandise show directly,convenient to use.

★It can sell fragile packed merchandise,packed meal, glass bottled and refrigeration beverage that canned、bottled、boxed and in bag  at same time,wide applicable range of merchandise,high economic returns.

★Microcomputer control system has the management function of intelligent data searching、statistic、accounting、fault diagnose by itself.

★Merchandise channel size can be change at any time,flexible to adapt to various kinds of merchandise with different size.

Modular refrigeration system,convenient to maintenance.

It has the function of power down protection and storage memory,refrigeration tempreture can set by yourself.

★Standard equip with raster merchandise come out detection system.

★Electric leakage protection function

★Blast-proof、dustproof、waterproof,luminous metal keyboard.

★Powerful cloud service management platform can check every vending machine’s sales information、run state by internet at anywhere.




Optional functions

★It can customize  unionpay cloud quick pass,quick pass,financial IC pay,APPLE PAY,Samsung pay,NFC cell phone pay,POS machine,IC card,ID card pay,Alipay pay face to face,voice control pay,two-dimension code pay,credit card pay or other pay mode.This machine support 232 computer serial port control.It can customize give change by paper money,top up/publish card system.

★It can customize “spring type warehouse”“pedrail type warehouse”“hook type warehouse”“super large capacity warehouse” various warehouse mode.It is convenient to sell various of merchandise.

★It can customize monitoring camera,it also can set GPRS  anti-theft alarm system,it has the function of remote monitoring、alerting 、talking、picture recording.

Tempreture layered,merchandise tray can setting tempreture layered according to customer’s need.



PTCheating system.

★Itcan be customize the advertising light box with large area  on both sides of the machine.


The model number above are accepted customer’s non-standard customize and refit.


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